The Search for Well-Being

As we enter a new era of health care, one fact looms large. More than three-fourths of U.S. medical costs are attributed to largely-preventable illnesses related to our lifestyle behaviors - what we eat, whether we exercise, how we manage stress, if we smoke.

Yet in most health care today, visits to the doctor are often too brief to get a handle on these complicated challenges. The focus is usually on disease treatment (with a heavy reliance on drugs, high-tech procedures and tests) rather than disease prevention.

To get to the root of this all, our special public radio project, The Search for Well-Being examines a fascinating new model of health care: integrative medicine.

Listen here to four half-hour audio segments:

  • Learn how integrative medicine provides effective, low-tech natural treatment that focuses on the whole person-mind, body, and spirit

  • Listen to personal stories that highlight how this integrative approach is redefining the "doctor-patient relationship"

  • Hear about the changes in medical education that are helping to prepare a new wave of professionals for integrative practice

Search for Well-Being, Rick Shana, Tracy Gaudet MD, Prof. Carla Boutin-Foster, Brian Berman MD, Marcus HSU, Susan Bauer-Wu, Victoria Maizes MD, Deb Graceffa

This Humankind special project is presented in cooperation with Connie Goldman Productions. Funds were provided by the Michele and David Mittelman Family Foundation and a special grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.